Washing Machine Repair

Your washing machine is your most important appliance aside from your refrigerator. It is an efficient machine that saves your time and money. And, when the washing machine breaks down, you have piles laundry to take to the laundromat or even wash by hand.

To avoid the nightmare of a washing machine breakdown, call to schedule a repair call as soon as you notice any trouble. You will minimize things like water damage and other complications with prompt repairs. At Dean’s Appliance Repair, we provide prompt washing machine repairs for folks who live in Aurora, CO. We repair all major brands, including LG, Samsung, Maytag, Kenmore, and Whirlpool.

Don’t Try to Repair Your Washing Machine

While there are many things in your home that you can repair, the washing machine is not one of them. This is a complicated machine that should only be serviced by trained professionals. If you do the job wrong, you will create more problems. It will cost more money. And, it can be dangerous. Bad results of “DIY” repairs include flooding, electrical problems, and the need to buy a new machine.

You can avoid these problems by contacting a certified, professional repair service that will do the job right the first time they visit. Besides checking the reputation of an Aurora appliance repair service, you want to be certain that the service is affordable and gives you value. This is where you can think of Dean’s as the go-to company for washing machine repairs in Aurora.

Look for competitive pricing and a company that will provide stress-free, prompt, and reliable service.

Dean’s repairs and services all washing machines, including:

  • Top loader washing machines
  • Front-loader washing machines
  • Combination units
  • Compact washing machines

Common Problems with Washing Machine

When a washing machine shows any of these signs, call us for same-day diagnosis and repairs. Fix the problem early, avoid more trouble, and avoid more expense.

The washer does not turn

This is usually caused by a tripped or off-balance switch. Most often, all you need to do is redistribute the load. But if this does not help and the problem recurs, again and again, call our certified technicians to diagnose and fix the problem.

The washing machine does not spin the way it should

A faulty lid plunger, bad lid switch, poor timer contact, damaged wires, burned-out solenoid, or a broken drive belt are all reasons for this problem. Call Dean’s for same-day repairs.

Lots of vibration

When a washing machine vibrates excessively, it is usually not level. This may be because of the floor but can be fixed by re-leveling the machine. Other reasons include damaged or worn damper pads or snubber pads. These are all easy same-day fixes.


Leaks need to be fixed before they get worse, damage your floor, and cost more money. Common problems are excess soap, loose hoses, drainpipe clogs, dripping tubes, bad water injection hoses, and damaged tubs.

Poor water drainage

When water stays in the drum at the end of the cycle, you have a worn drive belt, faulty pump, or clogged drain hose. Fix these problems with a phone call to Dean’s and same-day service.

Clothes with spots after a wash cycle

If the transmission has gone bad in your washing machine, oil gets into the wash water and stains your clothes despite the soap and water. You need to fix this soon as it will steadily get worse.

Soap in clothes after a wash cycle

When your timer contact has gone bad or the cold-water valve is blocked, you will have residual soap on your clothes after the cycle finishes. Call Dean’s for a same-day fix of this issue.

Call Dean’s Appliance Repair of Aurora, CO

Dean’s Appliance Repair when you have appliance repair issues. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in fixing all brands and we offer prompt and affordable repair services. For washing machine problems, call us today for an appointment.