Ice Maker Repair

Ice in your drink on a hot summer day is a necessity for most folks. This fact makes ice makers a gift beyond price. So, when your ice maker quits working on a hot summer day, you no longer take this excellent invention for granted. Luckily, you can get help when this happens.

Just contact us a Dean’s Appliance Repair. We are the “go-to” appliance service in Aurora, CO. Call for a checkup right away and we will send someone the same day. A certified technician will determine what is wrong and fix it on the same visit. We will give you a quote on the cost upfront. We can fix your ice maker on the spot so that you don’t run out of ice for the family picnic or any important event.

Dean’s team of experienced technicians gets routine training sessions to keep up to date. We are familiar with all modern models and have years of experience fixing all appliances and all major brands. Our team will fix whatever brand and model you have.

Why did the ice maker break down?

There are several parts to an ice maker that can fail. And, with this device, one failure can lead to more problems. So, fixing this appliance can be easy or complicated. The best rule is that when the ice maker conks out, call us to fix it the same day!

The “usual culprits” are these: a faulty filter assembly or ejector assembly, a defective water inlet valve, or a clogged or damaged water supply line.

This can be a touchy appliance, so we recommend that you don’t try fixing it yourself. You make break more parts and you may hurt yourself. (17% of deaths by electrocutions in the USA in the last 10 years were caused by home appliances!)

Troubleshooting and repair of common problems

Ice maker does not work

The first check is something that you can do. The control arm turns off the ice maker when the ice bin is full. Check that this “pause feature” is not the cause. If it is, reset it. If the problem continues, call us for same-day diagnosis and repair. Common problems are damaged inlet valves, filters, or water lines. All of these can be fixed on a short repair call.

The ice maker is working but not making ice

When this is the case, frost might be blocking the waterline. When this is the case, the ice does not look right, or you are getting fewer ice cubes than normal, give us a call for same-day service.


Leaks can be easy to fix but they are big issues. Water that is constantly leaking on your floor can cause mildew and rot. Sometimes this is simply an issue with leveling the appliance. But, there are several other possibilities. Call us when your ice maker leaks.

When do I need to replace my ice maker?

Ice makers have, at most, a 5-year life expectancy. When you have an older appliance and this is one of several repairs you have had to make, it is time to look for a new one. We will be pleased to help you find the right one for your home and family.

When your ice maker is not working, get it fixed fast and right by making a call to Dean’s Appliance Repair of Aurora, CO.