Dryer Repair

You are ready to leave the house for work. And, your dryer is not working. You would dry clothes on the clothesline and put on a different garment for work. But, what do you do with the next load? You know that dryer problems can be aggravating. When you do not have a clothesline, a broken-down dryer turns into an emergency. But, you need not panic!

If you are an Aurora resident, call Dean’s Appliance Repair. We are the best-rated Aurora area appliance repair service. We give quality repairs the day that you ask for help. And, we will give a quote on our rate upfront. High-quality repairs and transparency are our hallmarks. We do nothing less for our Aurora customers.

When you schedule an appointment, we’ll send one of our appliance repair technicians to your home. They will determine what problem is and make repairs the same day.

Why did the dryer break down?

Dryers malfunction for several different reasons. However, there is commonly one “point of failure” that starts a cascade of problems. Our certified technicians are experienced in dealing with repair issues that overlap or are related. They know the right diagnostic methods to employ to determine what problems your appliance has and how to repair each and every issue. For example, a noisy dryer or one that won’t start may have a bad drive belt, broken start switch, or a thermal fuse that has burned out. Our technicians are experienced in spotting these problems, fixing them, and making sure that nothing else is on the verge of breaking down.

When your dryer has problems, contact the professionals at Dean’s Appliance Repair in Aurora. Anything other than basic issues like air vent cleaning can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. Call the pros at Deans for same-day service.

Troubleshooting and repairing common problems

Dryer does not heat up

When a dryer doesn’t heat up correctly, there is a problem with the igniter assembly, the heating element, the thermostats, or one of the sensors. Heating elements eventually burn out. And, if it is not getting steady current, you need it replaced.

The thermal fuse might be the problem if the heating element is OK. This part keeps your dryer from overheating. But, when the fuse blows, this cuts the current so that there is no risk of a fire.

Won’t spin

Dryer drive belts may become loose over time and even break. When this happens, you can spin the dryer drum as there is no resistance. We routinely fix this problem on a quick, same-day visit.

However, if the drive belt is OK (or has been replaced) and the drum does not spin correctly, the drum roller axle is damaged. Worn out drum rollers and axles must be replaced. This is a same-day job by our experienced techs.

Won’t turn on

When your dryer will not turn on, it might be a blown thermal fuse. It has simply cut the power to your dryer and needs to be replaced. When the fuse is OK, your problem is typically a faulty door or start switch. There should be a clicking sound when you close the door as the switch trips. With a defective switch, your “click” is gone. These are both simple, same-day repairs.

When should I think of a replacement?

The average lifetime of a dryer is between ten and thirteen years. If an older dryer is having more and more problems, it is probably time to think of a replacement. When a newer dryer has a repair issue, we usually suggest that you fix it. If you need help with choosing a new dryer, ask our experienced technicians for help.

For any of your dryer problems, call Dean’s Appliance Repair of Aurora.